About Us

Barok is the brainchild of Steve Grant, who over the years throughout his extensive international musical career, has worked with George Harrison, Suzi Quatro, The Animals (the original band) Eric Burdon, Alvin Lee and was a member of The Sweet for 16 years.  

Steve has a passion for classical music so it seemed inevitable to combine his love of classical with his love of rock music.  He started to experiment in 2008 with rock arrangements of well known classical pieces. Taking the music of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky etc into another area. One aim is to bring these well known “classics” to a new audience, people who wouldn’t go to a traditional classical concert but would enjoy the arrangements from Barok.  

So with Steve on guitar, 2 x keyboard players, a bassist and drummer, Barok was formed, complete with period costume.

Next came the idea of adding a couple of singers who could handle the demands of well known operatic works but deliver them with a rock/ pop attitude. Took a while but eventually we found our amazing singers. Male and female.

Ok, what next?  Ballet dancers of course.
Steve works closely on Barok with his wife Deena, a well known tv actress in the uk, with a wealth of experience in theatre.  Cut a long story short, Steve got his ballet dancers. They are brilliant dancers and totally crazy, a good mix for Barok.

Barok had a successful 28 day series of dates at the Edinburgh fringe festival, great reviews and great fun. However, Steve had a lot of touring commitments with The Sweet after that so the Barok project was put on hold.

Steve left The Sweet in 2012 with a view to developing the Barok show and working on a couple of ‘originals musicals’ both of which are not a million miles away from the ‘Barok theme. 

This stunning line up will Barock the house. Well known Classical and operatic melodies, ballet dancers, singers, a brilliant band with a great string section delivered with a wicked sense of humour. We will Barok you!

What Andre Rieu does with a violin Steve Grant does it with an electric guitar.

One of the main principles of Barok is to use material that is 
known as a ‘Classical hit’. There are a number of ‘pop’ songs over the years that have grown out of well known classical pieces.
For example, Bach’s ‘Air on a G string’ transformed by ‘Procul Harem’ into ‘A Whiter shade of Pale’ which forms part of the Barok show, as do snippets of other well known ‘pop’ songs which came from well known classical pieces. 

You will hear Beethoven’s fifth and Choral Symphony, Vivaldi’s four seasons, well three seasons now due to the state of the worldwide economy, Bach’s ‘Jesu my Joy’ complete with dancing nuns, Operatic hits, a chance to sing along if you desire, Mozart’s ‘Eine kliene nacht musik’, Rock me Amadeus! Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sugar plum fairy, Nutcracker. Swan lake, the beat goes on.

The whole show is supplemented with amazing on screen visuals and a great light show.

Not forgetting the canons in the finale of the 1812 symphony, complete with a few Beatles songs for good measure.

Roll over Beethoven!