Absolutely love it!
Rick Wakeman, Keyboard Player / Composer

This is Brilliant !!!
Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside

The audience's standing ovation proved that all people need is a group of great performers
in order to have a great night.

West End Broadway World

Amazing! Eurotrash destroys Mozart 
(Puccini, Verdi, Wagner, whoever). 
Definitely a guilty pleasure (watch out for the four ballerinas).

John Cameron, Composer / Arranger / Conductor

Such a unique idea, such an entertaining show
 and such a killer guitarist.
They should be Barok-i
ng all over the world!

Richard Pilkington, BLACKHEART + Musician / Songwriter

Oh my gosh - we think they are delightfully terrific! 
The quality of musical expertise as well as costumes and theatrics leads people of all ages to the
joy and realization of the connection between many periods of history.

Tim and Carlene Wadley, Directors of Die Musikzimmer for 38 years in Arlington, TX, USA, 
which is an organization that trains people in the musical arts,  highly recommend  Barok.

Wow!  What a GREAT idea.  
I love the concept of Rock meeting Classical.  
It is a great way to introduce the younger generation to classical music. 
I listened and watched the video over and over!   
Barok should tour the United States!

Penny Lane
GIANT 96 Radio, USA
 A Trip With Penny Lane

The Audience love it!  The show has the same camp energy as the "Rocky Horror Show" and "We will Rock You".  BAROK is a gloriously over the top/head on collision between Classical and Rock music.
Fringe Review

Wow!  Fabulous! Love the way he has fused two great musical styles into one extravaganza that will appeal to both the connoisseur and the rock fan!
Gary Quinn, Oldies Videos USA  
What an exciting show, full of spontaneity and sparkling innovation. 
Fun at its finest!

Nicholas Fogg
Founder of Marlborough International Jazz Festival 
former Mayor of Marlborough / Journalist & writer
Fellow of Queens University 

The Humour running through the show proves that Classical music doesn't have to be taken too seriously! 
This is Baroque and Roll at it's very best.

Edinburgh Festival Guide

The musicians and singers have a long pedigree. 
Steve Grant, the main guitarist and band leader has played with many major artistes such as:
George Harrison, The Animals, John Farnham, The Sweet, Alvin Lee, Suzi Quatro, Desmond Dekker to name a few.
Quite aDaniel Wiles, TV Director / Producer on South Bank Show & Much More

Forget about Andre Rieu with his violin. Steve Grant with his guitar takes classical music to another level.
Theatre World

Love it!  Playful, passionate and a great twisted tribute to the masters of their composing era!
Victoria BeeBee,  Singer / Songwriter / Director of Voxskool! 

They are brilliant and so much fun. How lovely to see talented 
musicians who obviously love what they do AND manage to 
communicate that to the audience. 

Mark Aiken, Actor (Spooks, CSI: Miami, 24, Charmed,Dr Who + more)